Dead City HH

Terriorzing Immersive Experience

Dead City Haunted House has become a trusted Utah Halloween tradition, terrorizing tens of thousands of guests each season.
It’s a massive 30,000 square foot walk through event, with over 60 terrifying rooms inside! There are literally hundreds of animatronic monsters, special effects, and terrifying actors awaiting you the victim!
It’s a heart thumping, adrenalin pumping, thrill ride of an adventure!

Some of our Terrorizing Attractions

Season Of The Witch

Warped by the power of the Necronomicon, the witch of Dead City Haunted House has been opening alternate dimensions and conjuring demons to bring forth now horrors for you! She may also roast a soldier of two as she toys with the army of darkness who seek the Necronomicon.


Through the power of the Necronomicon, other dimensions and times are opened for you to explore.

The Mayan Temple of Doom is one such horror that you will have to survive on your journey through Dead City Haunted House


An extraterrestrial multi-dimensional military unit seeks the power of the book of the dead and has laid siege to Dead City Haunted House in hopes of obtaining it. 

They will stop at nothing to learn more of its secrets to aid in their conquest of the galaxy!


Carn Evil!

With a warped sense of humor, this band of clowns and misfits has created a colorful realm of mischief and mayhem. It’s also rumored that toxic sludge is being hidden by this group for purposes unknown.


Cathedral of Blood

Awakened by the power of the Necronomicon, these beautiful yet unholy creatures thirst for life prolonging sustenance.

Tempting though they might be, all who linger become their victims!


Lab of Dr. Death

Obsessed with the power of the Book of the Dead. The good Doctor is conducting experiments on the fleshy realm of the living. High Voltage Electricity is only one of his torturous methods used as he studies his victims.